Why (English)


A cheerful interactive book that will spur children's imagination while they laugh and learn.

Why? is an original take on entertaining children while teaching them about the animal kingdom. The book poses questions that children are likely to ask about 14 animals: Why do elephants have trunks? Why do walruses have moustaches? Why do kangaroos have pouches? Why do whales spout water?

"Fake" answers are sure to cause giggles and they may just emerge as jokes during dinnertime: Elephants use their trunks to store snot; Walruses use their moustaches to tickle babies; Kangaroos have pouches to carry toys; Whales spout water because they have runny noses.

The correct answers are easy to read and scientifically correct. Why? encourages children to invent their own answers and even come up with new animal species. It is an especially good choice for class story time as well as bedtime


  • Author: Davide Cali & Eric Heliot
  • Age Group - 4 to 7 years
  • Pages - 32
  • Size - 25cm x 17cm
  • Book Type - Softcover
  • Language - English