Topo Tip- Don't be jealous, Tip! (Italian)


"Why do aunts like Tippy so much?" asks Tip Mouse. He looks at his aunts with his little sister and feels a little angry and a little sad ... is he jealous?

Tip is a cute and tender mouse. But, like all children of his age, he also has some whims and sometimes he doesn't know how to react to the little big difficulties he encounters in everyday life. For example, when he plays with his friends and fails something on the first try ... a little frustration can quickly turn into anger and fear of not being able. Or when he sees his aunts cuddle his little sister and act a little mysterious ... a small lack of attention can turn into a fit of jealousy that hurts the tummy. Fortunately, every problem is easily solved and in a moment the smile on the face and the serenity in the heart return. 

  • Age Group - From 3 years
  • Pages - 22
  • Size - 17cm x 16.5cm
  • Book Type - Paperback with padded cover.
  • Language - Italian
  • Title - Topo Tip - Non Essere Gelosso, Tip!