The Wizard of Oz Comic (Greek)


Dorothy lives on a farm in Kansas with her auntie and uncles and her beloved dog, Toto. One day a tornado sweeps away her little house, landing her in the unknown land of Oz. Dorothy wants to return home, but to do so she must find the Wizard of Oz and ask him for help. Along the way, following the yellow path, Dorothy will meet new friends who decide to accompany her: a scarecrow, a tin man and a lion.

This classic story is revived through wonderful illustrations making children love the literary book. In a popular, fun and respectful way to the original text, comics are valuable tools for developing  children's imagination and creativity.

  • Age Group - 7 years +
  • Pages - 48
  • Size - 21.0cm x 27.0cm
  • Book Type - Paperback
  • Language - Greek