Little Women (Greek)


The Martz sisters, four teenage girls, live with their mother in poverty but in love, and are waiting for their father to return from the war. Kind, serious Meg and spontaneous and agile Joe work to support their family. Beth is shy and loves music while little Amy is naughty and spoiled. Louise May Alcott's classic masterpiece, one of the most well-known novels loved by generations of young readers, continues to fascinate with the tenderness and special atmosphere of family warmth and love that characterises it. And it has a timeless and always relevant message: any adversity and setbacks in life can be overcome if we support each other and dreams can be fulfilled by making a beautiful new beginning.

  • Age Group - 9 years +
  • Pages - 144
  • Size - 15.5cm x 20.0cm
  • Book Type - Hard back
  • Language - Greek