Ka'ak (Arabic)

While Ali is selling "Ka'ak", Simsem the cat jumps through a “Ka'ak" that gets stuck around its neck . An exciting chase follows where Simsem runs under, over, beside, between different things in the souk and the story ends with a contrite Simsem helping Ali sell his "Ka'ak".
  • Age Group - 4 to 8 years
  • Pages - 24
  • Size - 21cm x 20 cm
  • Book Type - Paperback
  • Language - Arabic

Parent and Teacher Notes:

The Ka’ak seller is a familiar sight in many cities in the Arab world. In this story Simsem the cat is bored and wants to play with Ali but Ali is busy selling his Ka'ak. Simsim decides to jump through a round Ka’ak Ali is holding like a hoop, but the Ka’ak gets stuck around its neck. Ali is angry and chases Simsem all over town. The child will enjoy the chase around town. This funny story focuses on place words like over, beside, between, under.

The story is narrated using the predictable language approach. The child is encouraged to join in the fun repetition found in the narrative.

P.S. Ka’ak is a doughnut shaped bread cake with sesame seeds usually eaten with za’atar( thyme)