Easter has Arrived (Greek and English)


Greek Easter Traditions.

Easter has arrived, the biggest celebration of the year for Christians.  We follow the Holy days and the Easter traditions from Clean Monday to Easter Sunday.  Churches fill with people attending mass and in our homes we make traditional Easter sweets.  Which will be your most adored traditions this Easter?

  • Age Group - 3 years +
  • Pages - 36
  • Size - 21.0cm x 21.0cm
  • Book Type - Paperback
  • Language - Greek and English

Written by local Melbourne author Chrisa Damiris.

Chrisa Damiris lives in Melbourne and has had a career in education for over 29 years. She loves teaching, writing and travelling and has a soft spot for Greece, her parents homeland. Together with her husband and two children, they travel as often as they can. Chrisa was inspired after a family trip to Greece, to write about the beauty of this wonderful country, the people,  breathtaking islands as well as its customs and traditionsChrisa’s aim is to share her family's experiences with young children, parents and grandparents and inspire them to learn about Greece and beyond