Church with Nono (Greek and English)


It’s Sunday morning and Anthea is excited to go to church with her nono. Hand in hand they light a candle, before sitting down to immerse themselves in the service. Anthea is so happy to have nono by her side and practices her faith with a prayer and communion.

Church with Nono is an extension of bilingual children’s book series, Ikoyenia, which means ‘family’. Each rhyming tale follows young Anthea and the beautiful relationship she has with her loved ones. There is a special story for every family member to collect.

Written and illustrated in Adelaide, South Australia, with love.

  • Age Group - 3 years +
  • Pages - 24
  • Size - 20.6cm x 20.6cm
  • Book Type - Hardcover
  • Language - Greek and English
  • Author - Stephanie Timotheou