Adventure on the Farm (Arabic)

Razan and Zain are having a lovely day at the farm until Tarek runs after the ball and accidentally falls in the pool. Razan thinks quickly and helps save Tarek.
  • Age Group - 3 to 6 years
  • Pages - 20
  • Size - 21cm x 21 cm
  • Book Type - Paperback
  • Language - Arabic

Parent and Teacher Notes:

This story discusses the fun children have at the farm playing with animals and then playing ball. But there is danger lurking there too. Someone had forgotten to lock the pool gate and the ball falls in the pool. In such situations children may try to get the ball without thinking about their safety. 
“Adventure on the Farm” presents such a possibility and shows the dangerous situation that arises. It also presents the right action that children should take. 
The first is to get an adult as quickly as possible and the second is to be resourceful like Razan whose quick wit helped her think of a solution that saved Tarek and did not endanger her. 
A great story to read when talking about safety issues around pools. A story that also celebrates a child’s resourcefulness.