A Story about a Boy Named Fayez (Arabic)

Fayez keeps getting in trouble at school because he does not pay attention in class. He becomes the butt of his classmates' jokes and is nicknamed 'Abu Sarha" (the daydreamer). His stonecutter father decides to teach Fayez his "stone chiseling" trade during the summer holidays but Fayez discovers that he can do a lot more with the stone than hit it and starts to create beautiful shapes. 
  • Age Group - 3 years +
  • Pages - 32
  • Size - 24cm x 21 cm
  • Book Type - Paperback
  • Language - Arabic

Parent and Teacher Notes:

Many times children are made fun of or bullied by other children. The reasons for this phenomena may vary but part of it is that the child in question may be physically different, too fat, too thin, too short etc; or may have certain character traits that set him/her apart. Fayez was a dreamer who never paid attention in class and seemed happy living in his own world. By sheer accident Fayez discovers his hidden artistic talents and gets a chance to have the spotlight on him and on his work. This changes the perception of his classmates and teachers to him.

“A story about a boy called Fayez” is a story about success, and discovering ones abilities. The story unfolds with a mixture of reality and fantasy.