A Day on the Beach (Arabic)

The twins Hadeel and Nabeel, spend a good time together on the beach. While making a sand castle they come across a clay pot buried in the sand. To find out what is hiding in the pot lift up the fold.
  • Age Group - 3 to 6 years
  • Pages - 20
  • Size - 21cm x 21 cm
  • Book Type - Paperback
  • Language - Arabic

Parent and Teacher Notes:

Family Holidays are the source of a lot of childhood memories. Visiting the seaside is a definite favorite with children who love water, sand, fresh air and lots of space to run, play and swim. 
This story fuels the imagination of children and gives them a taste of all the fun that can be had at the beach from racing to swimming to building a sand castle and eating ice cream . There is also an adventure when Hadeel and Nabil stumble on an earthen buried jar. Could it be a pirate’s treasure?