Mandy and Pandy Go to China (Chinese and English)


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This is an excellent bilingual book for any toddler who is ready to learn to talk. This book was written by a father who adopted a little girl from China, and it is a simply delightful book for parents to share with their children. The words introduced in this book are fun, simple, and commonly understood by young children. This book is written in Chinese and English, as well as pin yin.

Mandy and Pandy Visit China takes your child through a tour of China learning all the key attractions, sites to see, and things to do.This book also comes with an audio CD that does a great job of narrating the story in Mandarin Chinese and in English. This CD narrates the story in Chinese clearly and slowly, which makes it easy for kids to learn and repeat after it.

  • Age Group - 1 to 5 years
  • Pages - 24
  • Size - 15cm x 15cm
  • Book Type - Board Book
  • Language - Simplified Chinese and English